At Leonard Business Management our goal is to provide services for all areas of our clients’ financial affairs. Through carefully listening to the needs of our clients and with a highly professional staff, we are able to offer a solid base upon which we have built a successful business management practice.

We offer a full slate of business management services including:

Monthly Cash Flow Budgeting & Analysis
We monitor cash flow of the business or individual to minimize surprises or cash flow shortages

Tour Planning & Accounting
From rehearsals to closing night, our professionals can handle every financial detail of your tour. We will proactively interface with the artist’s management team and record company to cover every possible accounting need.

Estate planning
We proactively work with the estate planning lawyers to minimize or eliminate estate taxes. We also provide life insurance planning.

Income tax planning & tax preparation
We prepare and file Federal and state tax returns. We have relationships in place for international tax filings. We constantly review accounting records and business transactions to minimize income taxes. We provide full representation and documentation for all taxing authorities and audits.

Asset acquisition & disposition assistance
We will assist the client in buying and selling real estate, refinancing mortgages, and other asset acquisitions including automobiles and businesses.

Business transaction analysis
We represent our clients in all business transactions — advising and consulting as to the tax and economic aspects of the deal. We will work with the client’s advisors to structure the transaction favorably.

Risk management & insurance services
We will coordinate with insurance agents on a regular basis to ensure complete personal and business coverage. We will do all that is needed to protect the individual client and their family. We will also help companies identify, assess and manage their risks in a balanced and proactive way to protect and enhance their profitability and security.

Bookkeeping & bill paying
Our complete staff of bookkeepers provide for the receipt and deposit of funds, payment of bills (subject to client approval), deposit of checks, and complete record keeping of all financial matters. Our system of tracking bills and transactions allows the client to have instant access to their financial condition.

Compliance work
We perform compliance work for sales taxes, payroll taxes and city business licenses.

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